The Joint Vision 2040 is a description of what the DBS Gateway Region would like to accomplish in the mid- and long-term future. It gives a jointly agreed direction and serves as guide for choosing current and future action. The vision is based on three strategic objectives i.e. (1) Strengthening the DBS Gateway Region, (2) Strengthening the Regions and (3) Strengthening the Ports.

As a horizontal value, the DBS Gateway Region stands for environmentally friendly intermodal transport, whereas the environmental aspect of transport on the Danube is considered in all actions and in order to secure the regions´ future the adoption of renewable energy and modern technologies is required.

The Joint Vision 2040 can only be achieved by establishing a supporting platform bringing together regions, stakeholders, existing initiatives and networks for the benefit of the entire Danube-Black Sea region.

This platform will

  • ensure long-term commitment of the partners;
  • enable continuous promotion of the project’s recommendations;
  • offer transferability of the know-how acquired within the project;
  • monitor the implementation of identified measures; and

ensure durability and sustainability of the project results.