The project „DBS Gateway Region“ (funded by the EU under the „Danube Transnational Programme“) brought together relevant stakeholders of all ten Danube riparian countries in order to prepare and promote the Danube-Black Sea region as the gateway for sustainable and environmentally-friendly freight transport between Central Europe and the Black Sea, the Caspian region and the Far East:

  • Ports and cities/regions worked together for better hinterland connections.
  • Danube and Black Sea ports developed new services.
  • Cities/regions and ministries discussed future strategies and adapted policies.
  • The partnership was supported by business agencies, port authorities, logistics associations and universities.

Joint vision

= jointly agreed direction for the whole region

= guide for choosing current and future action

= indicator for evaluation of set action


Download Joint Vision (PDF, 1,4 MB)


= measures suitable to reach the Joint Vision 2040.

= important instrument for future cooperation towards increasing the attractiveness of the DBS Gateway Region

Download Roadmap (PDF, 2,9 MB)

Regional Action Plans

= specific measures for the development of each participating port region (port and main hinterland)

= in line with the Joint Vision


Download Regional Action Plans:

Pilot Action

= gathered relevant data related to the existing potentials and obstacles for increasing the attractiveness of the waterway transport system in the DBS Gateway Region.

= Development of an open source web-application using multi-criteria decision making (three criteria: price, time, emissions)


Download Pilot Actions (PDF, 800 KB)

Funding Guideline

Many urgent and important projects are not being implemented because of lack of financial  resources:

= overview about existing financial institutions and their funding possibilities (with particular focus on waterway transport and the Danube-Black Sea region)

= match your project with the right kind of funding


Download Funding Guideline (PDF, 3,8MB)