The DBS EGTC shall continue the strategic initiative of DBS Gateway Region (  for the securing of a long-term partnership and cooperation beyond the limited INTERREG project period. In order to facilitate transnational cooperation between the partners along the Danube-Black Sea Region and to manage the complex challenges of this region, the DBS EGTC was established in 2019. The common strategy and business plan for the development of the DBS EGTC as presented by the DBS Gateway Region partners provides the outlook for the future tasks of the EGTC.

The Danube-Black Sea (DBS) EGTC supports the creation of an attractive gateway region for maritime and inland waterway transport between Central Europe, the Black Sea region and beyond by facilitating cooperation between multidisciplinary and multilevel stakeholders and key actors.

The joint effort shall improve accessibility of both the ports and the regions and strengthen interoperability between maritime and inland waterway transport as well as the connection with the hinterland. Together with raising the awareness of the possibilities of intermodal transport, this will lead to shifting existing and attracting new cargo flows to environmentally friendly modes of transport and to support the development of the regions.

Main objectives

– Create a basis for cooperation:

Increasing the knowledge on challenges and market potentials, the agreement of a joint vision and fields of common action have immediate effects on the quality of cooperation.

– Increase attractiveness of waterway transport:

Creating preconditions for investments in intermodal infrastructure and innovative measures for services along the entire logistics chain suitable to increase the connectivity between Black Sea and Danube ports and with their hinterland influences the attractiveness of the waterway transport system of the DBS region.

– Facilitate long-term cooperation:

Long-term cooperation within an institutionalised entity ensures the sustainability of cooperation to further develop and promote the DBS region based on a jointly agreed agenda.