About Us

The Cooperation Platform unites relevant stakeholders along the river Danube to promote the gateway region for freight transport with a joint vision and a joint voice!

The Danube-Black Sea (DBS) Gateway Region defines itself as a gateway for sustainable and environmentally-friendly freight transport between Central Europe, the Black Sea, the Caspian region and the Far East.

For large quantities of goods, rivers are the most efficient, economical and ecological means of transportation. The Danube river provides us with a unique gateway to the world and thus a serious alternative to the ever increasing freight traffic on the road.

Our goal is to open up this potential with the possibilities of the 21st century.


Purpose of the Cooperation Platform:

  • Ensure long-term commitment of partners and gain new members
  • Facilitate know-how exchange and active discussion
  • Provide services to the partners that they themselves have no time, resources and/or know-how to do
  • Use joint voice to lobby for common interests
  • Use institutional umbrella to apply for funding